The importance of choosing a good web host

Choosing a web hosting is something that completely goes next to any designer in the career start. 
When you think about putting your online portfolio the designer just wants to have a hostand domain that works and is as cheap as possible. So any web hosting serves. 
Usually this choice of web hosting is wrong and will bring future bitterness. 
Practically everyone can sell services web hosting , just having a web server or to resell any space on a web host international. With this technical facility appear many web host ‘s who have quality and disappear from the map when we have a problem on our website.

In my case I used a server that found credible and I ended upLose all the content that had been housed there. 
From that moment I decided to just buy accommodation to credible companies and to give me proof of their real existence. 
I would strongly recommend to those who want to buy apartments or buy domains for professional use to come into telephone contact with the company that intend to purchase the services. 
Ask also on social networks if anyone knows the company web host that intend to hire.

In choosing a new server to host my site , I made this whole process and I chose to use the services of CrunchGear .

Only the confidence that they go through to respond quickly to all questions is well worth the few Euros that I paid the most and that nevertheless have already been spared in my headaches. :)

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