Personalized marketing through Big Data

Big Data applications are being discovered as practically infinite.From end pollution to create a team ; multiple specific applications that add those utilzan in a sector, marketing, in which the Big Data has been a small revolution all, reaching even talk about Big Data Marketing.

In full war against ad-blockers , Big Data is revealed as a fundamental tool in one of the most important tasks of marketing in recent years: personalization. Gone are the days of “mass marketing” mass marketing that did not consider the preferences and peculiarities of consumers. The lack of customization is one of the reasons why users use ad-blockers Network; as is clear from recent surveys , despite increased 41% between 2014 and 2015 in the use of ad-blockers, netizens are not against advertising on the internet but useless and intrusive advertising.

Marketing data is not a new invention and has been used for years to meet the customer, provide a better experience and give value, removing the focus of the producer and putting on the consumer.But now, with Big Data, it gets to another level.


The market is realizing the potential that the use of Big Data has the time to know what the customer wants. There are companies that specialize in managing marketing campaigns data, such asTeradata , and large commercial enterprises are starting to use Big Data is their marketing strategies. Take for example the giantPoker Stars , which last year handled huge amounts of data detached behavior in poker rooms online customers in France to offer customized bonuses.

The famous triple -Volume V of Big Data, Speed, variety- serve not only to meet our customers but also to find new market niches.Just as Patricio Llaona explains , Teradata chief marketing for the Caribbean and Latin America, the Big Data helps the marketing sector in three fundamental points:

  • Establish patterns of behavior to predict consumer behavior.
  • Develop specific campaigns aimed at an audience fragmented and specific objective.
  • Provide products and services that meet the needs and demands of the user.

The “owned data”, or databases that managed the companies themselves, become old school. Using Big Data, the development of these databases is done in a much faster way, they are infinitely more spacious and contain much more information.


The next question is to seize the opportunities the Big Data offers personalized marketing. There are voices, like the journalist Lisa Morgan , who believe that there is still some way to go. We changed the Seat Six hundred for Ferrari but you have to learn to drive the Ferrari.

The problem of personalized marketing was not so much that did not have sufficient quantity and variety of data about the user but rather often not the appropriate data are collected. And that remains the problem. Knowing what to look for defining the consumer is a challenge that seems more complicated still with the use of Big Data: data selection is the major hurdle to overcome.

Not lost in the sea of ​​data is very important to the success of a good marketing campaign custom but so is honesty. In an environment where users are oversaturated advertising, the client knows when it is really important for a company and when simply feigns interest. If a company wants to find out who can be your audience, not only need to collect data on potential candidates but must also listen to what they have that data.

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