Cloud technology will capture 50% of ICT investment by British companies in 2020

One more year, IDC Spain wanted to show where to walk the ICT sector in the coming months with its Predictions 2017, an analysis pointing, as main conclusion, report how the digital transformation has established itself as an inevitable process for all Spanish companies, regardless of size and sector of activity.

Thus, in this digitization process in the coming months will see a growing technology profiles between company executives and board role. Technological and digital skills take and an increasingly important role among business organizational structures and it is estimated that by 2020, will significantly increase the proportion of CEOs (CEOs) and COOs (COOs) of companies in the IBEX-50 with expertise in technology.

A scenario also “appear new roles as Chief Data Officer or the Chief Digital Officer, profiles will be essential in any company , ” said Marta Muñoz, Director of Analysis and Operations IDC Spain.

Another major organizational change we will see in the models themselves finance companies in a clear search for greater flexibility with which to respond to changes and market demands, bet for new formulas like Crowdsourcing or Kickstarter also allow minimize risks and collaboration between companies.

A trend that has been seen in 2016, the year that 56% of digital transformation projects has been co-led by different financial lines of business.


Over the next few years, Big Data technologies, and Cloud IoT will continue starring in technology investments by Spanish companies as a way to generate competitive short-term improvements.

Spain IDC estimates that in 2018, in Spain 40% of enterprises will have implemented Big Data technologies and 48% will be invested in IoT solutions.

The data will also be the king in the coming months, becoming a strategic asset, traded between companies either directly or in marketplaces.

Thus, at the end of 2017, the growth of revenues from products based on data will be double the growth of other products and solutions offered by companies.

“We are facing the so-called economy of the data, a clear opportunity for technology providers that will play a crucial role in helping companies identify opportunities to monetize the data generated and managed,” says Ricardo Malhado, senior analyst at IDC Spain.

Malhado has been commissioned to also expose the major changes we see in the field of business software, an area in which cognitive functions will be one of the most important trends.

Specifically, in Spain, in 2018, 75% of enterprise software development will include this technology.

In addition, in the coming years will see the consolidation of Open Source software in the business and in 2019 will be the time when companies can assess the true cost of this against the proprietary software, causing developers to provide interoperability between their systems , added value and business ruggedness.


Currently, 43% of Spanish companies are investing in solutions and Cloud technology, a figure that will continue to grow in the coming months to reach 50% of the new ICT spending in 2020.

Cloud technology is increasingly the basis for digital transformation projects, linked to mobility, Big Data or IoT, impacting directly on the architecture of enterprise applications and the way in which technology is consumed.

“Cloud is an opportunity; offers flexibility and scalability than other technologies do not offer and that also will make of planned spending on this technology 50% is allocated to SaaS (software as a service), “said Laura Castillo, an analyst at IDC Spain.

Consolidation in the market for Cloud technology providers will be another major trends and so in 2020, the top 5 Cloud providers will control at least 75% of the market PaaS / IaaS (infrastructure as a service and platform)

In addition, we will see a clear predominance of hybrid environments, with more than 85% of Spanish companies betting on multicloud architectures in 2018 and more than 50% of large companies in our country relying on services “in the cloud”, the least five different suppliers.

Hybrid environments will be increasingly important among Spanish companies and in 2018 is expected to more than 60% of organizations that build hybrid cloud, integrated with legacy, cloud native applications and open sources, use solutions of unified management of workloads .

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