5 Rules I Created To Choose The Best Web Hosting

I, who realize little of computer science, took about 12 years to find the web hosting service that, to this day, is perfect for me. Without further ado, to me, the best web hosting that I know and better guarantees gives me is the service of a good hosting cloud web.

Working with dozens of websites, some own and others for customers and choosing a good web hosting service is key to having no future problems. I’ve had a lot of server issues and it’s an experience I try to avoid at all costs.

Unfortunately it is relatively easy to set up a web hosting company. Disk space is becoming cheaper. However giving support to customers is much more complicated. Over the years I have been creating a series of “rules” that help me a lotTo choose the right web hosting service.These “rules” were created based on the (bad) experiences you’ve been having all along while working on building and managing websites.

In this article I make available these “rules” that I was creating and these days are precious to choose the right web hosting.

Rule # 1 – Telephone support

If a web hosting company does not provide telephone access it is immediately stripped from my list of possible hosting providers. Companies try to solve all problems by email, it’s a very practical system. But in such technical matters, at least for me, there must be a telephone contact that allows me to quickly understand what is happening with the hosting of the sites.

Rule # 2 – Provide more services

If the web hosting company provides more services such as design, website building, digital marketing, etc. is a bad sign. At the start you should be a reseller of web hosting services and will not offer guarantees of quality of service and quick response. I run away from this type of web hosting companies.

Rule # 3 – Periodic information

Does the company provide information on server maintenance, downtime, etc. in advance?Providing it is a plus point in their favor. Only then can I explain in a timely manner why a site is offline to a client of mine.

Rule n. º 4 – The hosting company provides the cpanel for site management

There must be other web hosting management systems, possibly as good or better than cpanel.But I’m so used to this that I do not want another. Even I can create new email accounts, manage domains, ftp and other features that have terrifying names.

Rule # 5 – Do not look at the price

Already the saying goes that “cheap is expensive”. And in these cases comes out very expensive.Finding cheap accommodation is very easy. However finding good accommodations is quite difficult. It took me more than 10 years to find a good accommodation. Was it expensive? Of course not. It is a service that gives me assurance of having and offering a good web hosting. I already go in the 4 hosting service that I use and the passage of all the websites I had from one to the other is a painful process. This is the time when the phones, e-mail, tickets and other forms of contact of the hosting companies do not respond and leave us at hand.


At this time one should be asking what accommodation do I use? I have no problem saying it because it’s no secret, since the left expressed in their blog . My web hosting service isCrunchGear .

Until today it was the only company that managed to meet the 4 rules it was creating to choose the right accommodation. Working with Joystiq for more than five years and of course I had problems. But they were always resolved with readiness. This readiness gives me a security that I have never felt with the other hosting services.

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